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WARES BLADE Replay,Links,Ryude design Collection
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In the Beginning:
Within this file there are mainly various illustrations and a beginner replay from a game master of the TRPG Wares Blade.
This page is diligently under constant construction in order to enrich this page.  I admit that updates are late due to non-preperation and my precociousness, though I wonder whether I am a bit incompetent as well.
...Renewals occur slowly depending on the number of hours I get to draw.

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Eye Dimension

Recent Renewal Tracez


1999, September 27
Added a Wares Blade Information section.  Also added a page on Magic to the Information section.

1999, August 19
Added image of Machine Soldier Even Doartie

1999,  August 15
Set Bacharon OT as the musical piece, Afuamudo STtemperarily open to the public

1999,  August 2 
Added additional information on Thief Daughter‚addendum to Female Cleric character

1999, July 1
Added Maltu Ragorsu Dibal to machine Soldier List

1999, March 3
Acquired photograph of AVI Rupa MAS production

1999, March 2
Added Ogre to Machine Soldier list

1998, November 26
Added Faye Yen to Machine Soldier List

1998, November 26
Added Apharmd to Machine Soldier List

1998, November 23
Added Temjin to Machine Soldier List

1998, November 19
Added Raiden to Machine Soldier List


Concerning this File

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Various Drawings  Renewed 1999.08.02

Here is where I keep my previous drawings.
Some color pictures are kept here.
Some images have been removed due to various circumstances over time.
Machine Soldier List Renewed 1999.08.19

"Machine Soldier Corner", where illustrations of gigantic robots  from the Wares blade world are kept.
Here is where I also introduce the Machine Soldier's created by the compter society of Fueiru Kaji Workshop.
Machine soldiers from the Bacharon merchant society are also kept here.  The corner wouldn't be complete without a few pictures of  a Tadesu Oratan Machine Soldier Models     (^ ^)!
Abauto Fueiru Personal Profile  Updated1997.08.15

It isn't a very good write up since I didn't know the capability price's for me (^ ^).
Wares Blade World Information Updated 9/27/99

Here can be found information on the world of Wares Blade as well as on the game rules.  Fuzion Verison coming soon.
Saint Kiza Renewal1998.08.21

This Corner carry's the replays from my TRPG sessions of Wares Blade.  Machine Soldiers from the Machine Soldier List appear in here.  You are free to use this stuff whether you know anything about Wares or not.
Computer Internet Links Renewed 1998.04.08

Here is a page of links that I refer to alot.  There are also a few relevant Saint Soldir links (if there are more I haven't found them yet, please let me know).
Bulleting Board This page is continually renewed

Here is my bulletin board.  It is a good place to discuss Wares Blade (please leave the mischief outside).

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