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You have reached the Wares Blade Information Page.  Here you will find information on the background and game mechanics of the Japanese TRPG Wares Blade.  This page is under construction.  Please check back for updates.

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"Renpo"(=magic) spells can be grouped into eight Gates by their power sources.  These are, so to speak, Elemental Magic.  (In Japan, Gate means not only portal but also branch and school. )

1:  Solar Gate
You can cast spells about light, heat, explosion, etc.

2:  Metal Gate
You can cast spells about electricity, magnetism, etc.  and you can create magic metals (magic weapons or magic armor, etc.).

3:  Fire Gate
You can cast spells about flame and heat etc.  There are many destructive spells.

4:  Tree Gate
You can take control of plants and insects etc.  The Tree is the symbol of Life, so you can also cast spells about poison, disease and Cure Wounds etc.

5:  Lunar Gate
You can cast spells about darkness, mind and illusion etc.  but there are few spells of physical attacks.

6:  Wind Gate
You can cast spells about whirlwind, Lightning Bolt and Control Weather etc.

7:  Water Gate
You can cast spells about water, snow and chill etc.  If you are in upper level, you can also take control of river or sea.

8: Soil Gate
You can take control of soil and stones.  You can cast spells about Earthquake and Animate Dead (such as necromancer).  and you can become the undead (Liche) !

Some spells overlap each other.  for example, the Solar Gate Renpo user And Fire Gate Renpo user can cast Fire Ball spell.  But they are not the same.  Because they are created by different power sources and spells.

Renpo users must select a specialty Gate from these eight Gates.  If they decided a Gate, they couldn't change it again.

Besides these Gates, there is a school called "–åŠO" (Japanese characters).  This word means "Out of the Gates", and each gate Renpo user can cast spells  in this school, too.  so I can also say it in another way; basic magic or common magic.

9:  Out of the Gates
This school have various spells which is not created by the eight power sources.
ex.) Sleep, Detect Magic, Fly, Hold Person, Teleport, Wizard Eye, etc.

Now, I will tell you about the steps to cast a spell in order.
1) The caster imagines the effect of the spell.
2) The caster makes the finger signs and recites the Wares language(*1) at the same time.  These action have been stipulated for each spell.  (some spells have to use some mediums(*2) at this time.)
3) Magical power in the Wares stone(*3) is released.
4) A Gate into another plane(*4) is opened.
5) The caster draws the "Power" from it.
6) This Power is transformed to the first step image by caster's mind power, and start the effect at last.
Of course the caster must act all of them without making any mistakes!

Wares language is like "Runes".  Tradition says that it is God's Words or Dragon's Words.  (Dragon is a legendary existence in Wares Blade world.)

You have to cast a spell on some conditions.
spell: Fire Ball(The Solar Gate)
conditions: caster is in direct sunlight.

spell: Fire Ball(The Fire Gate)
conditions: there is a flame near the caster.(medium)

spell: Paralyze Fog(The water Gate)
conditions: caster's hands are wetting.(medium)

Wares Stone; This is a magical stone.  because it contains Manna(=magical power).  You can sometimes find it in dungeons (ruins of Ancient Wares civilization) and veins of Wares stones.  But there are only a few veins in the world; moreover, the places are always in secluded regions.  so, this  precious stone is higher than any other jewels.  If you will cast any Renpo spells, you necessarily need a Wares stone.  But you can’t use the Wares stone before cutting.  You will have to cut it your Gate style.  (Each Gate have a single style.)  Then you can cast the lower spells(Lv1 - Lv3).  If you would like to cast the upper spells(Lv4 or more), you need a "persona"(*5).  It can reduce your will cost.

Another plane is called "Elemental plane".  It is said that the plane is origin of the world, and there is only pure Power.

This is a Magic Item, and it seems an unglazed mask.  And many Wares Stones have been arranged in it.


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