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Due to various circumstances past pictures might have been erased.

Cleric Cleric Daughter (350x600/ 35.957 bytes) 1999, August 2
I haven't been able to decide on a name for this character other then Cleric Daughter.  It is peculiar that she looks suprisingly Fueru-like.  I tried to make the clothes in a madieval hue.  This type of work can easily be done in Painter.  When painting it I intentionally used a flat hue and tried to make it look like an inorganic substance.  It wasn't easy to avoid the feeling.  I feel like a cook in a kitchen when I work like that.(^^)
Till Thief Daugher (400x500/ 42.686bytes) 1999, August 2
I used a business tool called Painter on this picture for the first time.  I am still looking for a name for this picture.
ANGELAN Angelan  (415x500/ 77.380 bytes) 1999, April 21
This is a beginning magical girl Angelan of Oratan.  Of course she has wings growing out of her back.  Before I completed the picture she had much larger wings...  Since it is only a picture I decided that they would smaller since they would only be seen for a half minute.
FeiGirl Faye Yen (350x650/ 44.193 bytes) 1998, October 4
Although this is a picture of Faye Yen I decided not to draw her with armor.  I decided to pick a peculier color scheme to complete it.  I picked the clothes and color to set a certain mood.  She almost looks like a clown teacher (^^).
Fighter2 Pashizu (500x830/ 57.134 bytes) 1998, September 15
Pashizu is a religious warrior of Pegana who travels with Kyara.  I tried to reflect his character in this drawing and make him look like a fantasy medieval person.
M_Fighter Kazun (450x850/ 58.200 bytes) 1998, January 2
This is Kasun Rearugo.  A full descritption of this character is in the PBEM character section.
F_Fighter Metorii (400x750/ 56.527 bytes) 1997, December 14
This is one of the PC characters to appear in my Wares Blade game.  She is the daugher of Faye Yen.  She is a hero and a full descritption of this character is in the PBEM character section.
Winny3 Winnie (450x600/ 45.059 bytes) 1997, November 30
I drew Winnie a long time ago but I have redone her here.  Whenever she is ready for combat she usually wears a leather vest and scarf and carry's a spear.

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