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Here is where I introduce the Machine Soldiers of the Kaji Workshop Society.

This is the completed production of VR Machine Soldiers of Bacharon "Oratorio Tanguramu" are kept.  Since there are a large number of Machine Soldiers here, the previous production Bacharon (O.M.G) have been moved to another page.

Current Machine Soldier Works Previous O.M.G's
RYUDE EVEN-DOARTIE Even Doartiei350~500^24.449bytesj 1999”N08ŒŽ19“ú
RYUDE MALTU-RAGORSU-DIBAL Maltu Ragorsu Dibali470~540^26.898bytesj 1999”N07ŒŽ01“ú
RYUDE OGRE Ogeri500~390^25.213bytesj 1999”N03ŒŽ02“ú
RYUDE FEI-YEN Kn Fie Yen Kni450~500^24.633bytesj 1998”N11ŒŽ26“ú
RYUDE APHARMD Apharmdi350~480^20.412bytesj 1998”N11ŒŽ24“ú
RYUDE TEMJIN Temjini450~500^22.110bytesj 1998”N11ŒŽ23“ú
RYUDE RAIDEN Raideni500~450^23.271bytesj 1998”N11ŒŽ19“ú
RYUDE DORDRAY Dordrayi400~450^20.519bytesj 1998”N11ŒŽ13“ú
RYUDE CYPHER Cypheri370~500^24.476bytesj 1998”N11ŒŽ10“ú
RYUDE BALBADOS Balbadosi300~450^17.457bytesj 1998”N11ŒŽ09“ú
RYUDE ANGELAN Angelani310~500^21.427bytesj 1998”N10ŒŽ28“ú
RYUDE SPECINEFF Specineffi550~450^27.663bytesj 1998”N10ŒŽ26“ú
RYUDE GRYS-VOK Grys-Voci450~400^21.948bytesj 1998”N09ŒŽ17“ú
RYUDE DERNDER RATZ Dernder Ratz (450x550/ 23.604 bytes) 1998”N03ŒŽ23“ú
RYUDE LUCD EILEN Lucd Eilen (470x610/ 29.805 bytes) 1998”N02ŒŽ12“ú


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